How to Be Happy All the Time
Do you wish you could be happier? God's word has some very practical steps you can take to make that happen!

Daughters of the King Wear a Crown
This 4 part series takes an honest look at how, regardless of how we feel about ourselves, Jesus has made us royalty. No matter how tarnished or crooked your crown may seem when you look in the mirror, you are a Daughter of the King!

Part 1 - You are a Daughter of the King!

Part 2 - The Crown of Righteousness

Part 3 - The Crown of Life

Part 4 - The Crown of Glory

Children's Ministry Training & Enrichment 

Why Do We Do What We Do?
Children's ministry can be one of the most rewarding, exhausting, draining, wonderful and thankless jobs around! So why do we do it? Let's talk about the why behind the what. (Part one of a three part seminar.)

Making a Lasting Impression
In this, the second session of the three part seminar, we talk about how we shape a life, not just fill an hour. Children's ministry is hard work. Make it count!

Going to the Next Level
In this third session of a one day seminar, we discuss what it takes - and some things we can't take - if we are going to make that journey to the next level.