Friday, April 8, 2011

Tunnels of Transition

It has occurred to me that life transition is like a tunnel. It can be a dark place, and when you first step into it, what is behind you is much easier to see than what lies ahead. Keep moving.

As you move forward, it actually gets darker. Let your eyes adjust, though and you will see things you couldn’t make out before. You will likely find it’s not nearly as scary as you thought it was. Keep moving.

As you move through the tunnel the light coming from the other end begins to grow and is actually now clearer and easier to make out than the light behind you. Keep moving.

As you emerge into the light you find yourself in new surroundings beholding things you couldn’t possibly have seen from the other side. You find yourself once again standing in the full light of day, with the sun warming your face, able to move in any direction you please.

The tunnel of transition can at once be thrilling and terrifying but it is in fact the ONLY way to arrive at your intended destination. Don’t fear it; embrace it. As you take that first step into the darkness you can do so with the knowledge that no matter how long this tunnel may be, and no matter what snakes or spiders may be waiting in the darkness, you will emerge on the other side to a bright new day…if you don’t stall in the tunnel. So goes the journey. Keep moving.