Saturday, February 19, 2011

Leading Greatness

I love sports movies. That might seem a little odd, since I'm a girl and I can't tell you what offsides means or explain a 2 point conversion. That said, what I love is the inspiration, the discipline, the determination...the process of attaining greatness. Sports movies boil down situations that take years to play out in real life to a microcosm of success and failure.

More often than not, the hero of a sports movie is the coach. Have you ever noticed that? Hoosiers, Miracle, We Are Marshall, Remember the Titans...great stories that happened not because of great players, but because of great coaches. Leaders who dare not focus on the talents of one or two star players, but rather seek to unite a TEAM and bring out the very best that each individual has to offer.

Every person holds within them a measure of greatness. The task before us, as leaders, is to help bring it out.