Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lessons from my Mother

So as my mother lay sedated on a ventilator, I am continuously struck with lessons to be learned from her tragic life. What you must understand is that my mom is a very sick woman. She has an infection that is literally eating away at her flesh, she has stage 3 breast cancer, a severe kidney infection, possibly diabetes, and either an infection or cancer in her lung. (For the sake of all, I am leaving out the worst of the details. She's in very bad shape.) But her sickness started long before her body began to give way. This is a woman who has isolated herself for many years from family and friends refusing to let anyone in - literally. When she finally called 911 just a little over a week ago it was only because the pain had gotten so severe that she could no longer bear it. And while this may be more personal information than you hoped to read in a blog, I hope you will give me a little leeway. You don't have to read it, but I need to write it...

Lesson #1 - When we don't respond to pain, it doesn't go away; it gets worse.

When I saw my mother in the ER that night I tried to hide the shock I was almost certain was showing on my face. Her face and neck were terribly swollen and red. That combined with the other ailments she'd been self-treating were causing her to take 4 Aleve every 2 hours. This fact still boggles my mind, and yet I see people do the same thing in their lives all the time. Maybe not physically, but in relationships, jobs, and other situations, we all know somebody that we have watched and thought, "when is it going to be enough?"

When we chose to isolate ourselves we lose our frame of reference and become self-deceived. You have no bearing on reality and so all things become relative. Without healthy relationships and a willingness to be examined, we will continue on our course of destruction as we adjust to accomodate the increasing levels of pain.

Pain is a signal that something needs to change. It shouldn't be ignored. The doctor said that if my mother had come in a year ago things would be much different. Don't allow a fear of change to keep you from addressing underlying issues. Get to the root of it and stop the source of the pain. You'll be glad you did.

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Exposure of Temptation

So I was reading the first 3 chapters of Genesis this morning and it just struck me how many of the things that we deal with on an ongoing basis can be traced directly to the fall of man. For starters, the "battle of the sexes," problems with lust, and even temptation...it really hasn't changed.

The process of temptation and sin are still the same:
1)Satan makes you believe you're missing out on something
2)He shows you how beautiful that thing is and tells you how fun it will be
3)You touch the forbidden thing a little bit, don't drop dead instantly, and think you've gotten by with it.
4)The hammer falls, the truth comes out, and it costs you way more than you ever wanted to pay.

Let's take a lesson from Eve. Next time a good looking temptation is dangling in front of you, don't bite.